Support Plus Track Application


The applications for the Support Plus Track are open and may be submitted any time, until 30 November 2021.

What the three main topics/challenges that you would like tackle through the program:
The GROWpreneur program is founder-centric and focuses on quality over quantity. Accordingly, by checking the boxes below we hereby confirm that we have read, understand and agree that, in case we are selected, we will fully comply with the conditions stated below:
We confirm that at least one founder/co-founder would be able to regularly attend the workshops, coaching, mentoring, one-to-one sessions, and events throughout the Program, whether these will be in online or offline format.
We confirm that we will complete all the activities, tasks, tests, etc., as agreed with the respective trainer, coach, expert or mentor during the various program sessions.
We confirm that, should our startup be selected for participation in the program, we will provide a “Contribution” of EUR 80 prior to attending the program sessions. (For further details refer to the “Terms and Policies” of the Program).
We confirm that we have carefully read and non-conditionally agree with the “Terms and Policies” of the GROWpreneur Program.