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GroWING Hackathon 2022


There are three main challenge themes to choose from:

#TechForAccess, #GreeningAlbania, #SocialImpact

Join the challenge hackers and:

  • LEARN to design effective market oriented solutions;
  • CONTRIBUTE to solving real challenges that help make Albania a better place to live;
  • WIN awards and perks from the event partners.
The best teams will receive EUR 500+ each, plus various perks from event partners

Register until: 10 September 2022

Startup Masterclasses

23 August 2022 (16-18pm)
@ Coolab, Tirana

Learn practical and hands-on techniques for designing and developing solutions (products and/or services) that are in-sync with what the customers need and their willingness to pay for.


Shkelzen Marku & Rodrig Naska

24 August 2002 (16-18pm)
@ Coolab, Tirana

Aquire practical knowledge on the necessary steps to properly prepare for attracting and receiving funding from various sources, including development institutions, investors, angels or VCs


Gerion Treska & Shkelzen Marku

02 September 2002 (16-18pm)
@ Coolab, Tirana

Learn practical techniques on cost estimations, revenues & investment needs forecasting and best practices in financial analysis necessary to judge on profitability of your products and business.


Gerond Begolli

Growth Talks

Building vision-founder-team fit for business growth
31 August 2022 (18-19pm)
@ Coolab, Tirana

The boundaries of what we are building and why we do it are influenced by our perceptions, often ending up with building a business we don’t want to work in. Panelists will share their experience and advice on how to establish such a fit, in order to align team efforts with the business growth vision.

Digital nomads in the Albanian startup ecosystem
13 September 2022 (19-19:45pm)
@ Ofiçina (Instituti harry Fultz), Tirana

Panelists will share their experience, advise and hints/tips on various elements, practices and arrangements that are needed to be taken care of in order to ensure an effective and fruitful collaboration between digital nomads, startups and various ecosystem player in Albania.

Co-learning workshop

31 August 2022 (15-18 pm)
@ Coolab, Tirana
Are you a startup trainer, coach or mentor?

Join us for an interesting co-learning, co-creation and peer to peer sharing session (in the format of “training of trainers” workshop), focusing on important but yet practical knowledge, skills and techniques on how to design and deliver effective trainings, coaching and mentoring sessions for new entrepreneurs and startup teams.

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